Rock-n-Roll Adventure Tunes from Burlington, VT

Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, funbridge is a riff-driven Rock N Roll band through and through and bring with them a cornucopia of musical influences from 70’s progressive rock to 80’s punk and 90’s psychedelic jam to modern perpetual groove. This formidable power trio draws from both the past and the present to create a modern progressive sound. With catchy hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, funbridge brings the fun each and every night they’re on stage.

Nectar's summed up funbridge by saying, "Some bands take themselves waaaaay too seriously. Sometimes they forget that people just want to listen to great music and have a good time. funbridge is a band that keeps that latter idea in mind and truly lives up to their name. Every show is a party you don't want to miss it!"

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funbridge's first full length album:

"We Are Not Afraid Of You"

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